Photographing your Wedding in the rain

Weddings are a special event in any persons life and should be celebrated accordingly. One factor that is out of your control when planning your wedding day celebrations is the weather. Many brides become quite anxious at the first sign of dark clouds leading up to the day of the wedding. Careful planning with your photographer prior to the day can alleviate some of the stress couples experience. There are many locations that can be utilised to provide cover as well as a stunning backdrops Indoor Locations.

Bars can provide a great indoor location and allow you to share a moment with your partner as well as relaxing and sharing some time with your bridal party. Plan the indoor locations so that should the weather ease, you can utilise the surrounding outdoor areas for a different look to your photos.

Ominous skies can also provide a picturesque backdrop to your photos and give a unique look to your wedding day memories Skies with Character.